What Customers Buy on Labor Day

Temperatures might be cooling off, but Labor Day remains a hot sales day for many companies. The secret to successful Labor Day sales is knowing what the customer wants. So what do customers buy on Labor Day?

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Browse any Labor Day weekend newspaper and you'll be inundated with retail advertisements touting specials for clothing, electronics, home and garden supplies, jewelry, toys, and baby supplies. Smart merchants know that Labor Day is a major shopping day for many customers, and that discounts attract flocks of happy spenders.When you consider what you should be promoting for Labor Day, keep in mind that the holiday itself is not necessarily the reason someone makes a purchase. Friends and families will celebrate the holiday with a cookout or party, so Labor Day party supplies are good bets - but they'll also take the free time off to make purchases they've been putting off no matter the industry. It's just like Christmas - Wal-Mart is going to sell some lights and some fake trees, but they're also going to sell DVD players and computers that have nothing to do with the holiday itself.


resources imageLabor Day, and Labor Day weekend in its entirety, sets the stage for many backyard get-togethers. But not everyone stays in their backyard - many hungry holiday crowds hit restaurant row for a good meal with friends and family. Major chains such as Applebee's launch special discounts and promotions around Labor Day to take advantage of this - it's time to let someone cook for you for a change.


Many people don't simply take leisure time on Labor Day - instead, they tackle projects they've been putting off. From HVAC furnace repair to graphic design services, Labor Day is the perfect day off from the workplace and also from the hustle and bustle of the weekends; and thus it affords homeowners and others the opportunity to research quotes, speak to vendors and dealers, and make purchasing decisions - if you're open.

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You have the long of it - the short of it is that customers buy everything on Labor Day. The top-selling Labor Day product and service types are not near as important as answering the question, "What do MY customers want?" If you can answer that, you can develop a unique and compelling offer delivered by printed postcards, posters, catalogs, door hangers, flyers, and other marketing materials to help your customers decide to buy on Labor Day.