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What Customers Buy on Mother's Day

What Customers Buy on Mother's Day

Mother's Day represents one of the hottest sales seasons of the year, and for good reason - just about everyone honors their mothers, grandmothers, and even great-grandmothers and beyond with a token of appreciation each spring. While flowers and greeting cards might top the list of Mother's Day-specific gifts, they do not completely answer the question of what customers buy on Mother's Day. Since everyone's mother has different tastes and desires, the entire range of products and services are bought and sold on Mother's Day. That's why the important question to answer is not what customers buy on Mother's Day, but why customers buy on Mother's Day.

Tenacious targeting

Great marketing campaigns are built on well-defined target audiences. For Mother's Day, your target audience is divided - those who are purchasing gifts for their mothers and mothers themselves. Your job as a marketer is to not only create desire for your mothers so they tell their children they'd like to have what you sell, but also to directly reach your buyers - the sons and daughters who will be making those purchases. Work hard to build your mailing list and tweak your campaign (you'll likely need two separate promotional strategies, one for each group) to cater to your list; then create a great offer that yields a high return on investment.

Dazzling design

Again, remember to match your design to your target audience. If a particular promotion is intended to motivate sons who like football to buy a particular gift for their mothers, it would be positioned differently than a promotion for the same gift intended to motivate mothers to tell their sons they would like to have one. Your Mother's Day banners, greeting cards, catalogs, brochures, posters and postcards should be eye-catching and invigorating. They should set the tone and make it obvious that Mom will be happy with this gift.

Compelling copy

Mother's Day copywriting can be tricky depending on your target audience and goal. Since you're writing for or about someone's mother, if you have the wrong message you risk offending - something that will certainly not increase profits. That isn't to say you have to be sweet with all of your promotions, just that you should know your target audience very well in order to write powerful copy that sells.

Perfect printing

For the highest return on investment you should always print with top-of-the-line inks on professional-grade paper. Poor quality printing lends the impression of a poor-quality product, and mom deserves only the best! Try our smooth 15-point velvet paper with soft-touch coating, our super-thick 16-point stock or our 13-point 100% recycled matte.

Viral variety

To increase brand loyalty, return on investment, sales and profit you should incorporate a variety of marketing methods into your Mother's Day marketing campaigns. Never settle for just a postcard when you can also send catalogs, post flyers and door hangers, and hang posters and banners. If you're on a tight budget, don't sweat it - simply market to fewer customers. This strategy will yield far more sales than sending a single postcard to everyone on your list.