Window Decal Marketing Ideas

Window Decal Marketing Ideas

Window decals can be one of the most effective marketing tools for any business. It's important to use them in the most creative and efficient ways possible to maximize your exposure. Never hesitate to experiment so long as you keep window decal marketing basics such as those listed below in mind. Try the following window decal marketing ideas to jazz up your window decal marketing campaign instantly without taking your eye off the prize.

Eye-catching graphics

The first step in successful window decal marketing is to get noticed, and the best way to do this is with striking graphics your customers can't ignore. Bright, contrasting colors, clever images that seem out of place with their environments, and humorous depictions are great ways to draw customers' eyes to your window decal design.

Creative placement

Another way to get attention is to creatively place your window decals in unexpected locations. You might, for example, place window decals on mirrors over restroom sinks. The key to hitting a home run with this type of window decal marketing is to be both clever and relevant to your customer and your cause. Thus, a disposable toothbrush brand might distribute window decals on men's restroom stall mirrors that depict a woman repulsed by her beau's dragon breath alongside a pitch for their products.

Repetition is critical

A single window cling might convert a few customers, but repetition will bring the masses to you. Make sure your window clings are distributed everywhere you can in order to have the widest reach for your target audience and also remind them about your brand every chance you get.

What's more, you should coordinate your window cling marketing with a comprehensive marketing campaign that also consists of materials such as posters, flyers, and postcards. When you launch a campaign across several mediums, you have the opportunity to take advantage of repetition in short order. You'll make potential customers feel that you're everywhere – and that everyone is using your products, so they should try them, too.

Don't shun marketing basics

Aside from your initial attention-getting strategy, your window decal marketing campaign should follow basic marketing tenets. Strong headlines that make a point are important, as is demonstrating your product or service benefits (either in text or in image, or both). You also need a call to action to motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, as well as contact information such as a phone number or web URL so they know where to go to take the next step. Space is often at a premium on window decals, but that doesn't mean you can't make a limited-time discount offer or include some sort of tracking mechanism, such as a coupon code, to gauge the return on investment of your window decal marketing campaigns.

Print premium window decals

Last but not least, you need to print your window decals on premium marketing materials that have strong clinging power and fade-resistant inks. This increases the longevity of your window decals so you can use them for extended periods or seasonally, time and again, year after year, so you get the most bang for your buck. The good news is that good online printing companies offer premium window decal printing at incredibly affordable prices.