Yard Sign Design Ideas

Yard Sign Design Ideas

If you're looking for yard sign design ideas, understand that while there are no specific rules for yard sign design there are some ideas that make for better visuals and memory retention. Your yard signs have a purpose and should be designed for that purpose; thus, all yard sign design ideas should be backed by an explanation for why it will help you serve your purpose, whether it's to announce a celebration, earn political recognition and votes, or simply to demonstrate support for a person, cause, team, or organization. No matter the reason you're printing yard signs, they'll be more powerful when you incorporate the following yard sign design ideas.

Keep it simple

One of the most important rules of yard sign design is to keep it simple. Whether you're marketing a business, celebrating the return of a soldier, or motivating political loyalty, the simpler your design, the more readers will take away. Remember that most of your target audience members will be driving by at 25 to 35 miles an hour or more, so they have but a second or so to glance at and comprehend your yard sign's meaning. Don't clutter it with distracting visuals – instead, focus on your message.

Names, please

If you're pushing a political candidate or celebrating someone's achievement, the largest element of your yard sign design should be the name. In politics, that should be the last name. For celebrations, it should be the first name or a common identifier: “Welcome home MOMMY!”

What is it about?

If you're pushing a sales event or a political idea or bill/ordinance, the largest element of your design is the “what,” not the “who.” A discount sale would emphasize what the discount is and where to get it. A political bill would warrant the name of the bill in a large font: “Vote YES for CITY SCHOOLS.”

If your yard sign is pushing a political candidate or celebrating an achievement, the “what” should be the second largest element. Thus, you might write “Jill SHERMAN for CITY COUNCIL,” or “Welcome home MOMMY! Thank you for your SERVICE.” The goal here is to make the name prominent and memorable while tying it to a specific idea; that way it's easy for voters to make the right association in the voting booth and for party-goers to and neighbors to understand the significance of your celebration.


You can add in extras, especially for larger yard signs, as long as you don't overdo it. A slogan is a good way to help differentiate political candidates from competitors, but keep it short and sweet: “Tough on Crime.” Graphic elements can also help convey a certain emotion or mindset; examples include the American flag, a school mascot, or a birthday party hat.


Your choice of colors is also important to your yard sign design because they can make your sign easier to read and digest while commanding initial attention. In general, keep your sign to two or three colors for simple reading. Bright colors that contrast well, such as yellow and black, are great attention-getters; while red, white, and blue exudes patriotism.