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Yard Sign Printing Tips and Tricks

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Yard sign printing is one of the best ways to promote political candidates and ideas, advertise business products and services, and celebrate special events such as birthdays, graduations, and welcome-home parties. Not all yard sign designs are created equal, however, so employ the following yard sign printing tips and tricks to get the most bang for your marketing buck.

Keep it simple

All yard sign printing begins with yard sign design, so let's take a look at one of the most basic principles of effective yard sign design: keep it simple. Your target audience will be passing your yard sign at anywhere from a pedestrian pace to 65 miles per hour, so you have to cater to people passing quickly in order to get the full extent of your message across. The best way to do this is to keep your yard sign design simple.

Most won't need more than five to 10 words, excluding the required sponsorship information on political signs. Highlight the most important words, such as names, political positions, product/ benefits and deals, and party titles by making them larger than the rest of your yard sign text. Keep your colors simple as well, with two to three contrasting colors that help your message stand out. You can augment your yard design designs with a logo, slogan, or graphic that helps make your point as long as the design remains clean with plenty of white space.

Print on premium yard sign materials

There are several different ways yard signs are printed and mounted. The most important factor when it comes to your yard sign printing is the quality of your materials. Choose an online yard sign printing company that can deliver premium materials that are resistant to fading (from the sun) and weathering (from wind, rain, and snow).

You also want your yard signs to be tear-resistant. Premium materials are especially important if you'll use your yard signs for extended periods, such as for political campaigns, or several times, such as with product and service sales.

Affordable yard sign printing

Another important factor when it comes to yard sign printing is price. You don't need to have the most expensive yard signs to get the best quality, but keep in mind that the cheapest yard signs are likely to be of poor quality. Find a good price-quality balance so you can get the maximum exposure for the best possible price.

Proofs and extras

Most yard sign printing companies also offer services such as electronic proofs, so you can double check your artwork before printing, and extras such as yard sign stakes, frames, or hangers. You don't want to have to order your yard signs and the posts you'll mount them on from two different places, so make sure your online yard sign printing company can add these items in for you.

Finally, always check your online proofs for positioning problems and typos – a simple grammatical error can risk a candidacy or cost hundreds of dollars to reprint, so it pays to check your artwork to ensure a perfect print run.