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Yoga Studio Marketing: What Do You Need?

This is the second article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your yoga studio and make it a success. resources imageYoga studio marketing success is based on your return on investment - what do you make in sales for your advertising/marketing efforts? All successful marketers know they need to use the right tools to get the word out and the same holds true for your yoga studio. Here is a list of what marketing materials you need to give your yoga studio the best chance for sales success.

Must-have yoga studio marketing materials

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Booklets/guides - Distribute booklets or guides about yoga techniques. If you publish a booklet about yoga, try to make it the definitive source to establish credibility and gain "cream of the crop" customers - those who only wish to deal with the best. A well-distributed booklet can earn you that designation.

Business cards - Business cards are cheap, so print as many as you can hand out and make sure everyone you meet has one. Your business card should list the benefits of yoga and - to add value - perhaps include a couple of easy yoga techniques on the back. If potential customers try them and like them, they'll be more apt to call you to sign up.

Postcards - Postcards are cost effective and personal; they're delivered directly to the hands of potential clients. Just like with business cards, you can list a couple of yoga moves to engage your customers; or, offer a free yoga class to get new clients to try yoga. You might also offer a yoga challenge, something like "If you don't feel better after our six-week course we'll give you a full refund."

Posters - Posters are the perfect yoga studio marketing tool because you can easily add value by including diagrams or photos of popular yoga moves, brand your yoga studio and motivate direct response.

Flyers - Flyers can easily be distributed just about anywhere: inside magazines and newspapers, door-to-door, on bulletin boards and walls, windows, and even under windshield wipers in supermarket or restaurant parking lots (which might be the ideal place to remind potential clients that yoga is a good way to maintain health).

Brochures - There are several different types of brochures, but at the very least you need a brochure for your business overall and a brochure for each specific service you offer. If you offer many different types of yoga classes but have a specific senior session, a brochure for seniors that can be distributed in areas seniors are likely to be will earn more business than your all-encompassing brochure.

Calendars - Everyone loves (and uses) free calendars. Showcase your yoga techniques, happy clients, myths, facts and other creative and interesting images and information each month, and you'll be able to effortlessly market your yoga studio 365 days a year. Other materials you should consider producing include a website, door hangers and a yoga studio identity package (complete with letterhead, envelopes, brochure, flyer, business card and pocket folder).