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Unforgettable Save-the-Date Card Wording

Save-the-Date Card Wording

Save-the-date card wording isn't difficult to write when you have a plan in place. Many people find save-the-date card wording a challenge, primarily because save-the-date cards tend to be sent for some of life's most special events and they don't want to make a mistake. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, anniversary, graduation, confirmation or other special event, you can pen the perfect save-the-date card wording when you heed the following advice.

Capture the style of your event – and you

One of the best ways to come up with creative save-the-date card wording that is unique to your event is to capture the style of your event and your personality. Determine whether you're going for a traditional formal environment or a festive atmosphere, or anything in between. Then you can make a word list comprised of terms that remind you of that environment. Ten to 20 words or phrases will do, and scanning them will probably serve as a springboard for inspiration.

Be short and sweet

Your save-the-date card wording doesn't need to be lengthy. Truth is, your recipients probably do not want to spend much time laboriously reading every tiny detail of your event. Instead, all they need to know is the basics: what the event is and/or who it is for, the date, time, and place, direction, and any special instructions such as whether to bring one's own beverages. Keeping your wording short means you can design your text in a large font – which will not only help your save-the-date cards to be noticed in the first place, bit also ensure that they're easily remembered.

Tell your story

Keeping your save-the-date card wording short and sweet is important, but that doesn't mean you can't use the back side to tell your story. For a wedding, you might want to tell how you met; for a retirement, you might want to bullet career highlights; for an anniversary, you might want to list how the relationship has lasted so long. Brevity is still important in order to encourage guests to read your cards, and you can make them even more unforgettable by injecting a bit of humor into your text.

Be poetic

Poetry is easy to remember and difficult to forget – especially if it is funny. Use your word list to see if you can come up with creative and humorous rhymes to construct your save-the-date card wording with. Doing so can motivate recipients to go from “Honey, what's this?” to “Honey, you gotta read this!” and ultimately encourage more guests to attend your special event. As you can see, penning unforgettable save-the-date card wording isn't that difficult when you have a plan. Start with your word list, keep it short and sweet, tell your story and infuse a bit of poetry for save-the-date reminder cards that will be talked about for years. Don't forget to finish it off with excellent design and premium printing.