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Choose the Best Words for Your Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards

Wedding card wording is some the most difficult most people will ever pen – not because it is difficult prose in and of itself, but because the strive for perfection puts a lot of pressure on you to write the perfect wedding card wording. You can alleviate this pressure by taking the following step-by-step advice on how to choose the best words for your wedding cards.

Step 1: Determine the style of your wedding

Your wedding card wording will be largely dictated by the style of your wedding. If you're going to have a traditional wedding, formal wording is your best bet. If your wedding style is more casual, you might choose a more casual or even humorous tone for your wedding card wording. Some couples choose to have weddings with stated themes such as Elvis, gangster or ancient Rome. If yours is in such a unique style, you will of course want your invitations to adequately reflect it.

Step 2: Consider who you are inviting and who is doing the inviting

Your wedding card is sent from one person or group of people to others, so your wording should cater to both parties to express the perfect sentiment. That means you should not only clearly name who the inviting party is (it could be the couple or the parents of the bride and/or groom, for example), but you should also include the reason that your guests are being invited. You also need to ensure that all details are listed so guests don't have to wonder where your wedding will be held or about what they're expected to bring.

Step 3: Write your first draft

Once you have the aforementioned details, do a little research to see how similar invitations have been written. There is no shortage of wedding card wording examples online, so a quick search should yield dozens of results. Digest the samples out there and then write your first draft. Don't worry about being perfect here – your goal is to get something down on paper that you can critique and edit.

Step 4: Consult and polish

Take your first draft to your significant other and scrutinize your wording to see what changes could be made to customize it to your celebration, make it more powerful or otherwise improve it. Finally, implement those changes and polish subsequent drafts until you are confident that you have the perfect wedding card wording. Don't over-analyze your wording, either – you should be able to hone it to perfection in three drafts or less. That being said, you should make sure you thoroughly proofread it – you certainly don't want the perfect sentiment ruined over a misspelling!

Step 5: Get it on paper

Once your words are right, you can combine them with a design in your favorite graphic editing program and then have them printed on premium wedding card paper. Together with your design and a professional print job, your wedding card wording will lead you to the perfect wedding invitations!